About us - Othmar
“I have been a photographer, art lover and art collector myself for many years. I am passionate about the aesthetics of nature and people. I am highly passionate about shapes, dynamics and contrasts. In all my artwork, I want to be respectful and true to the soul, the spirit of the people and places I am working with. I am also a professor and researcher on the topic of sustainability - this is very dear to my heart - and I am convinced that in order to drive change, people need not only hear, but also truly understand what we would lose if we do continue ruining our planet. For me, my art is therefore an expression of love for Mother Earth and its people - and the evocation of this emotion in the viewer of my shall make people understand what nature means to us humans and why we need to protect it. I am strongly convinced that humans are not meant to learn only by reading and listening, but first and foremost by being passionate and feeling what is important. “ Othmar
About us - Peter
Peter Brandstätter As a photographer I am fascinated by the dynamics of life, sports and animals. Photography for me means visualising emotions. Photos have to be authentic and natural, I love the symmetry of nature. As a long time pet owner I also enjoy picturing animals with their human family - from horses to cats - and I am happy when one of my photos brings a smile for those on the picture.
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