Peter Brandstätter

I am fascinated by the dynamics of life, sports photography and animals.

A photographer for more than 40 years, I am always happy when a person appreciates my photos,
for example from her cat or dog, or while she is riding or racing.

For Private Art Lovers, Interior Designers, Foundations and Collectors. 
Our Fine Art pictures have a special meaning for us, they perfectly capture the moment as it presented itself. These pictures are regularly shown at exhibitions and are meant to be timeless pieces of art.
Our FineArt Series is strictly limited, and comes with a holographic certificate of authenticity and in the edition series also with a NFT token for the digital rights.
We carefully selected the best material for the prints to be true to the context and nature of the picture and help you find the right choice for your specific needs. 
Othmar and Peter
Photographers for more than four decades, 
winners of numerous awards and photocompetitions, passionate about art.
Next exhibition 2022 - Finland, national library Oodi, Helsinki
Fine Art Designers

Peter Brandstätter, Thurnham 24, 4563 Micheldorf, Austria
Othmar  M. Lehner, Museokatu 44, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
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