Join in for this worldwide photowalk - August 13, starting at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr at 17h for 3 hours, with Othmar Lehner as guide. You explore the beautiful old town of Steyr as context, together with a wonderful model to provide perspective.
The Walk is free, as it is for a good cause, but please consider donating to the Springs of Hope Orphanage (link on the picture above).
Please stay tuned for our upcoming workshops in
autumn/ winter 2023
Language: Deutsch and English (two tutors)
Next Topics -
Helsinki Foto Workshop and Seminar in Finland
in September 2023
We both learned to appreciate a good photo at a time when you had to manually mount a 12 or 24 picture film in the camera and if you have been lucky, you did not run out of Kodachrome or Ilford before the magical moment. It often took weeks before you saw the final result in the dark chamber. Maybe this generated our appreciation of good work and our strive to constantly learn and to get better.
After many years of taking  Photos for ourselves, practicing, learning and experimenting, we decided that we have too many excellent pictures in our storage. Sharing photos and secrets of the making them means making people happy and may leave a footprint in someones mind. So we took the next step, founding as a platform for professionally aspired photographers who see photography as an recreational art and a tool for expressing themselves.

Our Workshops and Seminars offer:

Our coaching is always honest, appreciating and targeted at empowering you to make better pictures or pose better in front of the camer. Don`t worry about the equipment you are using!

We work together to achieve exzellent print quality, limited copies and work on styles that ignore fashion to ensure long lasting value. We organise seminars, workshops and exhibitions together and help each other find and enter photocompetitions. Together not agains.

No matter if you are behind the viewfinder or in front of the lens, our first goal is to make sure that we all have a great time together with our club acitivities, from photoexcursions to portraitwalks, learning about the craft or simply by discussing our photos.

Othmar and Peter
Austria and Finland

Outtake from one of our participants of our Photoworkshop in 2021 in Helsinki with our wonderful photomodel Tania

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