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Winterwonderland Lappland
Beautiful, glistering Lapland, between serenity and Santa Claus.
Excursion Motorsport Race
Action Shoots from Races
Series Beautiful Cars
When cars and motorbikes are not mainly for transportation, we can enjoy the beauty of design. Colors, lines and the pure beauty of craftsmanship always inspired me. Some vehicles are timeless pieces of Art, some become even more fascinating when they get older.
Portraitwalk with Claudia and Maria
A magical garden as culisse for this shoot of two best friends for life. Great day, lots of fun and super shots.
The Wider View
Widescreen widens horizons – not only capturing sceneries better but also free our mind.
Collectors Editions
Strictly limited series of prints with digital NFT rights. Exclusive prints and a focus on collectors' value through media features and visibility in exhibitions and special events.
Portraitwalk Maria "Red"
A powerful and ever so versatile and charming woman, the color red and a spacy enviroment. All ingredients for a fun evening out!
The frozen expression of movement is something dynamic and lively. And if it got an engine, as a former active rally driver, my fascination is exponential.
1000 Lakes
Finland is often called the country of the “1000 Lakes”, the truth is there are more than 180.000 of them, not even counting the ponds, which Finns call lampi. Most of them are of stunning beauty, peacefulness and mostly untouched, despite a few scattered summer cottages.
Private Escapes
Getting out of the daily hassle, relax, maybe downsize and still get new inspiration. Some places are better for charging our batteries. On the constant hunt for these valuable places, this is a small selection. No addresses given ever!
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